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        Amgen公司是由一群科学家和投资商于1980年创建的。原供职于雅培公司的George B.Rathmann博士是该公司的创始人之一,并担任首任董事长兼CEO。公司地址选在学术氛围很浓的加洲Thousand Oaks,这里靠近加利福尼亚大学和加洲理工学院。1992年安进公司跻身财富,当年公司产品销售突破10亿美元。2000年财富,安进公司排在455位。2000年在医药50强中排在21位。2013年,美国Amgen公司作为更大的独立生物科技公司,位列2012年福布斯企业第212位,市值533亿美元。目前,Amgen公司已拥有数千名员工,公司分部遍布,拥有极强的研发能力和产品优势,坚持在疾病治疗的生物技术领域内发展,主要涉足的领域有人类基因组,癌症,神经科学和小分子化学等。
        公司为适应中国市场,让品牌识别度进一步提升,Amgen公司找到了尊宝娱乐 中国为其中文尊宝娱乐平台和子品牌做中文尊宝娱乐平台。
Project background:
        Amgen company was founded in 1980 by a group of scientists and investors. Dr. George B.Rathmann at the Yu Yapei company is one of the founder of the company, and served as the first chairman and CEO. Company address selection is very strong in the academic atmosphere of the California Thousand Oaks. In 2013, American Amgen company as the world's largest independent biological tech logy company, in 2012 Forbes 500 strong enterprises 212nd, a market value of $53300000000.At present, Amgen company has thousands of employees, branch offices all over the world, has strong ability of R & D and product advantages, adhere to the development in the field of biotech logy for disease treatment, and mainly involved in the field of the human ge me, cancer, neuroscience and small molecule chemical etc..
        Company to adapt to Chinese market, let the brand recognition and further improve, Amgen company found the Wewin Chinese named for its Chinese and sub brand to do Chinese named.


        医药行业属于高科技产业,国际间的竞争非常激烈,要想维持安进现在的地位和谋求进一步的发展,中国市场是不可或缺的,因此中文尊宝娱乐平台显得尤其重要。为了能给AMGEN做好中文尊宝娱乐平台和子品牌尊宝娱乐平台,尊宝娱乐 对医药市场中已有品牌和旗下的其他药品品牌名称进行分析,总结得出医药公司、品牌名称需传达信任感、差异性和持续性。医药品牌关乎生命,信任必然是其重要因素,另外,医疗领域竞争比以往更加激烈,医药品牌的前景也比以往更加混乱模糊。由于产品之间的差异化逐渐减小,一个品牌需要更加努力地让自己叫得响亮才能被目标客户群关注。更后持续性保证了品牌的灵活度,一方面是为了适应市场变化,另一方面也是为了日后给产品申请专利。持续性的标准延伸至长期的品牌机会,即品牌的“未来适用性”。比如亚马逊、维珍等,其品牌的“弹性尺度”早已在各领域得到证实。虽然医药品牌自有其不同的局限性,但品牌延展能力却不可小视。比如,生物制剂的数量就有可能代表不同的状况。如果企业想建立长期性的品牌,就有必要在非处方药的情境中建立处方药的品牌资产。同时,品牌资产也应该适用于品牌的长期价值。在推广品牌三年之前确立的名字应该与品牌终生的潜力相匹配,因为企业都想在药品的专利有效期过后仍然使用品牌资产。
Facing the challenge:
        The pharmaceutical industry is a high-tech industry, international competition is very fierce, wants to maintain the status of Amgen w and seek further development, Chinese market is indispensable, so Chinese naming is particularly important. In order to be able to do Chinese named AMGEN and sub brand name, brand name of other drugs Wewins existing brand and its pharmaceutical market under the analysis, concluded that Medicines Co, brand name to convey a sense of trust, diversity and sustainability.Medical brand for life, trust is the important factor, in addition, the medical field competition is fiercer than ever, pharmaceutical brand prospect is also more clutter. Due to the differences between the product decreases, a brand needs to work harder to make my name loud to target customers attention. Finally, continuous assurance brand flexibility, in order to adapt to changes in the market, on the other hand also to future product patent. Persistent standard extension to the long-term brand opportunity, namely the brand of "future applicability". Such as Amazon, virgin, the brand of "elastic scale" already in the field are confirmed. Although the pharmaceutical brands have different limitations, but can t be the capability of brand extension. For example, the number of biological agents may represent different conditions. If the enterprises want to establish long-term brand, it is necessary to set up a prescription in the n prescription drugs in the context of brand assets. At the same time, the long-term value of brand assets should also be applicable to the brand.

        强大词语是一门科学,既要考虑到产品的共性,又要考虑不同药品的特点,而做到这一点需靠专业尊宝娱乐平台机构的系统尊宝娱乐平台流程,美国安进公司的尊宝娱乐平台供应商尊宝娱乐 中国与众多行业的企业都曾有过合作,拥有丰富的尊宝娱乐平台及品牌全案经验,志在帮助企业及品牌在各行业中以全新的面貌崭露头角,赢在起步。
        尊宝娱乐 全案团队在接受这一方案后,立即对项目开始了精细的市场调研,从医药厂商到消费者,尊宝娱乐 收集了大量的资料。经过一系列严格的尊宝娱乐平台流程,为安进公司提供了数套精选的尊宝娱乐平台及全案解决方案,公司更终选择了“安进”这一品牌名称。“安进”一名有平安、进取的美好寓意,对于生物制药公司来说,消费者的健康平安是位的,这也是安进一直在努力做的。安进作为公司名来说,发音朗朗上口,笔画简单,非常容易记忆,对于品牌传播和推广来说都可以起到事半功倍的效果,后续品牌系统也有系统的竞争力。
        The name is a science, it is necessary to consider the product characteristics, but also to consider the characteristics of different drugs, the need to rely on professional naming authority system named process, America Amgen named supplier Wewin China with many well-k wn enterprises of the industry have had cooperation, has named and rich experience in brand design aimed at helping enterprises and brand, in the industry with the most perfect face cut a striking figure, win at the starting.
        The Wewin named team in the acceptance of this proposal, immediately on the project began a fine market research, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to consumers, the Wewin to collect a lot of information. After a series of strict naming process, the Wewin named team provides a number of sets of selected Naming Scheme for the company, the company ultimately chose the "into" the brand name. "Into" a safe, progressive meaning beautiful, for pharmaceutical companies, consumers' health and peace is the first, this is also the Amgen has been trying to do. Amgen as company names, pronunciation GetWord, simple strokes, very easy to remember, for brand communication and promotion can play a multiplier effect.
        Company name, brand name can according to Amgen "peace, health, enterprising" the tone was named. Through lateral thinking, eventually named "dimension must be installed". Analysis of "dimension will be an" this name, whether it is from the auditory or visual, can convey a sense of commitment, is the representative of the pharmaceutical manufacturers of product confidence and on consumer brand promise. This is to give consumers the brand association and the trust's name, the pharmaceutical industry is very memory.At the same time, the brand name word structure is considered Chinese characters structure symmetry and a structure, meet the aesthetic and cultural habits of the target consumer.







  韩国LG华奥斯这个公司名称给人一种典雅的感觉,尊宝娱乐 为其取名时首先考虑到它是建筑装饰行业更大规模的公司之



  美国天草作为一个农场的名称,很鲜明地展示出了自己的产品——干草。尊宝娱乐 为美国天草做的品牌设计紧紧围绕


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